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The Importance of Machine Coolant

The Importance of Machine Coolant


Why is it so important to use machine coolant in your industrial sawing machines? 


Bandsaws and circular saws are powerful cutting machines, generating high amounts of heat and friction during every use. They can quickly overheat without the proper coolant and operating conditions. 


Today we’re going to be introducing some of the key reasons as to why machine coolant is a necessity, and what can go wrong without it. We’ll also discuss some of the options available for you to choose for your industrial machines. 


Why do you need coolant? 

Coolant is a necessity to make cutting operations smoother and more efficient. It also prevents problems from arising during the cutting process. The coolant is there to regulate the temperature during the machine’s operation, and to avoid breakdowns. 


Coolant can help to prevent a wide number of issues. One of its primary uses is to lubricate the blade, cooling the teeth so that they do not become dull over time. It also helps to flush the excess material away from the blade to prevent a build up during usage. 


When using this product, it is also important to ensure the coolant is evenly distributed. This is to ensure that no excess material gets stuck to one side of the blade. This can create a change in the shape of the teeth and can ultimately lead to an uneven cut. 


What is available? 

Here at Anton Saws, not only do we provide an extensive selection of bandsaws and circular saws, we also provide key maintenance products such as coolant to keep your machines in top quality condition. 


Our Anton Saws EP620S Blue Premier Soluble Cutting Oil is designed to extend blade life as a flood lubricant. This product is loaded with EP Additives to offer both good cooling and penetration combined with excellent boundary lubrication, making your cutting smoother and more consistent. 


We recommend diluting this product 5:1 for tough jobs, and 20:1 for general cutting. 


If you would like more information or advice on anything regarding the maintenance of your industrial saw, do not hesitate to get in touch! One of our expert members of the team will be more than happy to assist you.

The Importance of Machine Coolant
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