Telltale Signs For Servicing

Telltale Signs for Servicing


Improve the life expectancy of your machinery by recognising and understanding the telltale signs for servicing. As with the importance of servicing, let’s waste no time and get started! 


So, how can you ensure your saw’s life expectancy? 


Whilst band saws and circular saws are highly durable machines, nothing lasts forever – even if you take great care! Prevent additional or potentially worse issues for your machine by keeping an eye out for the key signs of blade/machine damage. 


What are the signs? 

These can be divided into two key categories: blade and machine. Sometimes a machine issue is also a blade issue, but not every blade issue has to be an overall machine issue. It’s important to know what to look out for, before it develops into something worse… 


The blade: 
  • Noisy and squeaky
  • Doesn’t move consistently when cutting 
  • Teeth are starting to strip 
  • Tension is too high or too low 
  • Not cutting straight 


Wider machine issues: 
  • Excessive vibration when in use 
  • Unnaturally loud operation 
  • Slow, weak movements 


What can you do? 

Knowing some of these key signs can also help you to identify whether it is a blade or a body issue. But what should you do once you’ve identified that there is an issue with your machine? 


You should be conducting regular maintenance checks as part of a maintenance routine, but if you notice something that is out of the ordinary, you need to take action and get in contact with the right people. 


How can we help? 

So, who are the right people? The answer to that is simple… Anton Saws! 


Our service does not stop with selling saws, we’re also committed to ensuring they remain in the same condition as the day you bought them. We do this by offering regular machine servicing, spare parts for all makes and models, and call out repairs! 


Regular servicing is essential to keep your machines, and your business, running smoothly. We offer three-monthly, six-monthly or yearly service visits to suit your requirements. 


For all things saws-related, you need Anton Saws!

Telltale Signs for Servicing
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