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Macc Special 411 A

Macc Special 411 A


  • Automatic hydraulic CNC saw for cuts from 45 ° to the left to 60 ° to the right, complying with all CE safety regulations
  • The equipment has 39 programs each of which consists of 50 steps, for a total of 1950 cutting positions with relative piece counter
  • Operation:
    1. Material advancement
    2. Fixed vice closure
    3. Blade rotation ,coolant dispensing arc descent until completion of cut and feeder carriage return to the set size
    4. Arc return and blade rotation stop and coolant delivery
    5. Fixed vise opening
    6. Repeat cycle
  • Hydraulic stepper without length limit
  • Vertical rotation on pivot with backlash-free adjustable conical bearings
  • Properly sized flywheels
  • Vice with quick approach device
  • Accident prevention device on the flywheel casing, on the control knob and on the blade
  • Numerical control of cutting quantity and length
  • Hydraulic unit with cutting pressure adjustment
  • Blade tensioning obtained by manual rotation of the hand wheel and guaranteed by an electro mechanical device
  • Bi-metal Band 3200 x 27 x 0.9 mm
  • Cutting thickness 1.2 mm
  • Material feeding stroke 600 mm
  • 0.75 kW hydraulic power unit motor
  • 0.09 kW electric pump for belt refrigeration
  • Possibility of manual and semi-automatic cutting
  • Machine predisposed for moving with trans pallet


  • Speed ​​variation from 20 to 90 m / 1 ‘
Macc Special 411 A
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