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Macc Special 350 A

Macc Special 350 A


Name:Macc Special 350 A Fully-Automatic Bandsaw

Product Documents:

Macc Special 350 A bandsaw machine complies with all the CE safety norms and guarantees excellent cutting performances on a wide range of materials. The project of this machine has been focused on making the use very simple, equipped with CNC control panel for the management of the parameters and of the cutting settings. Special 350 A has also a very rich standard equipment. The CNC control panel consists with 39 programs, each of them is made of 60 steps, for an overall about 2340 cutting positions and its piece counting device. Fully enclosed design in order to guarantee highest safety and a clean and healthy working place, as well as an easy access to the machine. Index movement by precision ball screw and electrical motor. Saw frame descent on a two-post system with linear guides and balls recirculation guides. Movable bladeguide with automatic positioning in order to keeping bladeguides as close as possible to the material to be cut. Hydraulic bladetightening system placed on the idle wheel. Carbide inserts and big sized diameter bearings on both bladeguide units. Vices pressure regulator. Blade speed inverter 15-100m/1. Motor run chip extractor. Blade cleaning brush OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Hydraulic vertical vices for cutting of stack. Additional chip extractor to increase chips collection capacity. Numeric control touch screen containing materials library. Automatic speed descent regulation for the cutting unit. Blade anti skid control system. Microlubrication. Infeed/outfeed roller tables.

Macc Special 350 A
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