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Macc Special 320 M

Macc Special 320 M


Name:Macc Special 320 M Manual Bandsaw

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Technical Information

Designed with the fabricator in the mind the MACC 320 M is ideal for sections, steel and solids. This manually operated machine offers accurate cutting and is one of the leading saws uk. The basic characteristics of the machine, such as rigidity of the blade guides, band wheel dimensions and band tension have been thoroughly studied. This helps to improve squareness of cut and reduce cutting time.

  • Vertical rotation on bolt with adjustable tapered bearings without backlash.
  • High-capacity band control by two-speed motor and special reducer with bronze gear and tempered and ground worm screw
  • Appropriately dimensioned flywheels.
  • Strong band guides with tight stress-raiser bearings and adjustable widia tips.
  • Band stretching is obtained by electro-mechanical blade tensioner with microswitch.
  • Vice with a device for swift locking by eccentric means
  • Accident-preventing devices on the flywheel casing, on the control handle, and on the blade.
  • Cutting thickness 1,2 mm
  • Cutting range 0° to 60° right
  • Adjustable stop for cuts of the same size
  • 24 V low tension plant
  • 0,06 kW power-driven pump for band cooling


Optional Equipment

  • Hydraulic for controlled descent
  • Pneumatic installation for vice
  • SINGLE-PHASE motor 69 m/1′
  • Speed variator for 20-90 m/1′


Advanced Spec

MotorSpeedVice WidthBlade LengthWeight
0,75 x 1,1 KW35 – 71 M/1′315 MM2825 x 27 x 0,9 MM340 KG


Maximum Cut

230220170 x 300
45° Right200180180 x 230
60° Right130120110 x 130
Macc Special 320 M
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