Caricatore – Heavy Loader With Inclined Table

Caricatore – Heavy Loader With Inclined Table


Name:Caricatore – Heavy Loader With Inclined Table

Bar loader with an inclined table for bandsaws and cutting off machines, for the loading of round, squared, rectangular bars (profiles or full material). As an example, on the loading table, width 1025 mm it is possible to load n. 8 round full material bars Ø 120 mm (n. 25 bars Ø 35 mm, n. 22 bars 45 mm, and so on). The loader stores bars that the machine in automatic function self loads proceeds with butt cut and to the cutting program asset, when the bar end is no longer workable, the loader puts through a new bar pushing out the rest material. The circle continues until bars loaded are over.

Loader Capacity:

  • Bar length MIN 2 m – MAX 6 m
  • Max load 5000 kg
  • Loader weight 1200 kg~
  • Loader is powered by the machine

Loadable Material:

  • Pipes, profiles or full material (min ø 15 mm max ø 120 mm)
  • Squared bars, profiles or full material (min 15×15 mm max 100×100 mm)
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