Key Features of a Band Saw

Key Features of a Band Saw


The band saw is a highly useful and versatile piece of equipment, with applications that meet a wide variety of metal cutting requirements. 


But what are the key features of a band saw? 


Here at Anton Saws, we stock the extensive Macc band saws range, backed up by blades, spares and servicing solutions. Understanding the applications and limitations of this range of machinery is important, which is what we’re here to explain today! 


Understanding the mechanism 

Band saws are made up from a range of different components! This is important to understand in regards to its variety of uses. Some of these components include: 


  • Bandwheels: where the power of the motor is transmitted to the blade. These wheels need to be well balanced to minimise vibration and ensure accurate blade tracking and cutting 
  • Frames: these need to be incredibly strong and rigid in order to withstand the stress from the blade’s tension 
  • Blade tension: this is the most important part to the machine. It provides the base for consistent and accurate cuts 


Levels of automation 

Different band saws have different levels of automation, and this can subsequently affect the overall efficiency within a business. It is important to recognise that not every business will require the same level of automation, and to note whether it will help or hinder the production and overall workforce within the business.  


These powerful, industrial sawing machines can cut a large variety of materials. They can also be left unattended for longer periods of time, including overnight. However, these high levels of automation may not be necessary – it’s key to find the right machine for your business.


At Anton Saws, we stock a variety of band saws with different levels of automation, from manual through to semi-automatic, fully automatic and large capacity band saws. 


Space and capacity 

When purchasing a band saw, you need to give some consideration to the space that it will take up. Will it require roller tracking? Is there a space for a material loading area? 


What are these materials that you will be handling? If there are constraints to the space, this may lead to subsequent constraints on the capacity of the machine and its output. Also, there are different styles of band saw, which will have different cutting applications, which will again affect your space and the capacity needed. 


Band saws at Anton Saws 

We offer a wide range of band saws, so it can be confusing to know which is best suited to your requirements. 


For more information on any of the band saws we have available, do not hesitate to get in touch with an expert member of our team! Alternatively, visit our showroom today to speak to someone in person. 


We’re always more than happy to help!

Key Features of a Band Saw
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