Installation and Preventative Action

Installation and Preventative Action

Installation and Preventative Action


The proper maintenance and preventative action is imperative, but it’s also important to note how the installation stage can play a key role in the overall performance of your saw from the very beginning. 


Industrial saws are crucial to many businesses’ industrial operations, thus need to be kept working in top condition. You can help maintain this quality right from the installation stage! 


The installation stage 

As with any high functioning machinery, industrial saws must be installed properly. This is the first step – one that we’re qualified to do! We have the knowledge and experience to safely install these powerful machines, in a way that will maximise its performance and without hindering the machine in the future. 


With each machine installation, the saw will be delivered with a user handbook, providing the instructions and applications of the machine. This guide will be another key tool in ensuring the longevity of your machine. 


Preventative action 

There are steps you should be following to ensure the machine runs smoothly, and its’ safe usage. These safe practices include: 


  • Training on the proper use of the machine 
  • Machine anchoring to prevent movement or tipping 
  • Emergency power shut-off within reach 
  • Keeping safety guards in place when not in use 


Part of the preventative action and maintenance is recognising machine defects, and knowing when you can solve them, and when it’s a good idea to take the issue to an expert. More often than not, it’s best to get in touch with an expert. Safety comes first – both in the machine design, and for those who use it. 


How we can help 

At Anton Saws, not only do we supply the saws, but we also offer extensive servicing and repairs


Prevent any issues becoming unmanageable with regular machine servicing – we offer three monthly, six monthly or yearly visits to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Installation and Preventative Action
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