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The Importance of Machine Safety


Today’s blog is going to be looking at the importance of machine safety!


That might sound unnecessarily obvious – of course you have to be safe when handling machines such as band saws and circular saws?


Nevertheless, obvious is good. It’s important. We will always go over it. So on that note, today we will be sharing some tips and information on the matter of machine safety, regarding the use of the machines we offer, and how to ensure their longevity and ongoing safety as a result.


Protective equipment

It’s essential to wear the proper protective equipment before getting started using the machines, to minimise any risk of injury. This protective equipment includes: 


  • Safety glasses/goggles
  • Hearing protection, suitable for the noise you will be exposed to
  • Dust mask, depending on the type of material you are going to be cutting


Simple habits such as tying hair back and not wearing loose clothing play an important part in using the machines safely, as these are the things that are likely to get caught within a moving saw.


Using the machines

Ensure your workspace is clean and you understand the instructions before attempting to use a machine is an important part of machine safety. This is particularly vital as each machine will have different starting procedures, depending on the level of automation. 


Manual saws will require more attentive care, but that does not mean disregarding the automotive saws. Understanding the instructions, applications and limitations of each saw is imperative. 


Regular servicing 

Do not attempt to use a saw that is broken, in any way. To maximise the efficiency of your saw, regular servicing and maintenance is essential! There are some telltale signs for servicing and replacing: 


  • The blade becomes noise and squeaky
  • The blade doesn’t move consistently when cutting
  • Teeth are starting to strip
  • Excessive vibration 
  • Not cutting straight


At Anton Saws, our excellent service doesn’t stop with you receiving your product. We are committed to ensuring your saws and machinery remain in the condition they were when you bought them, offering servicing, spares and repairs. 


Safety first at all times. Safety first at Anton Saws. Need any further help or advice? Just contact a member of our team today!

The Importance of Machine Safety
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