HSS Circular Saw Blades

We supply HSS saw blades for cutting all types of ferrous & non-ferrous metals.

These blades come in steam treated, TiN coated or M35 80%Cobalt coating.


Steam Treated blades are used on hand operated machines cutting mild steel.


TiN coated are used on hand operated machines for cutting stainless steel and on semi & fully automatics for cutting both mild & stainless steel.


The M35 80% Cobalt coated blades are used for cutting very hard materials and are best for use on automatic machines for production cutting.

However, many of our customers find them very useful on hand operated machines as they do still increase blade life and therefore saves down whilst cutting harder materials.

Please call for friendly advice on correct blade and teeth for the material type

and size that you are cutting – 01264 850 490