Holding Saws and Machinery Stock: Importance and Benefits

Holding Stock: Importance, Benefits and Processes

Holding Stock: Importance, Benefits and Processes


Holding saws and machinery stock is a significant matter for both buyers and sellers, for a number of reasons. Today we are going to be discussing some of those reasons, and the impacts it can have both for the business and the customers.  


A delay on stock can result in a significant delay in your day-to-day business dealings, and we understand the potential issues this can create as much as you do. But with Anton Saws, that delay is no more than a potential because we hold our stock for you! 


The benefits of holding saws and machinery stock…


We actively manage our stock to have a reduction in lead times, so we are able to give you what you need, when you need it. 



Consequently, this improves the flow of goods to you, the customer. 



An essential part within our business is our customer relationships, and the steps we take in maintaining them. Holding stock means that we are able to improve efficiency from seller to buyer, and by being able to continuously fulfil this need we hope to instill trust in our customers that we are always able to satisfy. 


What happens if the machine you want isn’t in stock? The process…

On the rare occasion that we do not have the saws and machinery stock, you can be reassured that we will get it promptly. 


Our most recent MACC order arrived from Italy in just 66 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES. 


A machine that left Italy on Friday afternoon at 2pm, arrived in our warehouse Monday morning at 8:30am! So allow us to repeat that key point, if we do not have the stock, we will endeavour to get it for you promptly.


Service, repair and supply 

At Anton Saws, the service may begin with holding the saws and machinery stock but it doesn’t end once you’ve received it. We are committed to ensuring your saws and machinery remain in the condition they were when you bought them. We do this by offering servicing, repairs and spares – but that information is for another day, and another blog post!  


Anton Saws offers the complete range of MACC Saws, comprising of 48 models of circular saws and band sawing machines to meet all metal cutting requirements.


Get in touch today for your circular and band saw needs!

Holding Stock: Importance, Benefits and Processes
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