Subject to any special conditions agreed to in writing, these conditions only, shall apply to, and govern, all contracts for the sale and supply of Goods, and or, services from the above named Vendor.  All other written, printed, and standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase, offered by the Purchaser are hereby excluded.  Anton Saws & Machinery Ltd will regard any official or verbal order, to constitute a contract.


a)  Prices are ‘ex-works’ unpacked.

b)  They are subject to change without notice at any time prior to acceptance of order by the Vendor.

c)  All Orders are accepted on the understanding that goods will be invoiced at prices ruling at the date of dispatch.  Should these be in excess of prices current when the order was placed, the customer will be duly notified.

d)  Prices are exclusive of VAT which shall be charged at the rate ruling at the date of supply.


a)  Delivery dates given in our quotations are subject to prior sale and also subject to confirmation at time of acceptance of order.  All delivery times are from our acceptance of your official order and receipt of full instructions and information enabling us to proceed.

b)  Whilst delivery dates are given in all good faith, they are not guaranteed and are also contingent upon strikes, accidents, government directives and other causes beyond the Vendors control.


Ownership of machines, and or goods supplied does not pass to the Purchaser until the invoice is paid in full.


a)  The Customer will be responsible for all charges incurred through delay in taking delivery of the goods.

b)  In the event of goods not being received within ten days of the date of our invoice immediate notice must be given to us in writing

c)  All carriers’ way bills should be endorsed ‘Condition of Contents Unknown’

d)  Any damage, breakage or shortage must be notified to the carrier and ourselves within three days of receipt of the goods.


Packing, postage and carriage is at extra cost to the customer unless otherwise agreed.


All specifications, designs, weights, measures, horse-powers and capacities, etc., given in estimates, or descriptive literature, are subject to alteration without notice, are stated as correctly as possible, but are not guaranteed.


Machines are guaranteed against defective workmanship and material for a period of 12 months from date of dispatch or 6 months if user company runs a double shift.  Parts which prove defective within this time under normal operation and service when owned by the original user will be replaced, but no claim for expenditure upon them or for consequential damage will be entertained.

Replacements must be accepted as complete satisfaction of all condition or warranties.  Bought out components and proprietary items such as Electric Motors, Starters, Chucks etc., are not included in this guarantee but the Purchaser will be entitled to receive from us all rights and benefits derived from any guarantee given to us by the manufacturers of such items.


No liability can be accepted for any damage or loss either consequential or direct, whether to the purchaser or third parties that may arise after goods have left our premises.  Any unauthorised modification or additions to machines, equipment or parts will invalidate our guarantee


Requests for cancellations or suspension of work must be submitted in writing for consideration and we reserve the right to make cancellation or other charges where such are, in our opinion, considered necessary.  Such charges will be based on the actual cost of goods/work done with appropriate overheads and any special materials used or ordered and will include a sum equivalent to 15% of the contract price of the goods.  In the case of machines built, or altered, to customers special requirements cancellation or suspension of work cannot be considered when the machine is within 30 days of completion.


The payment for goods, or services, supplied by Anton Saws and Machinery Ltd will be forthcoming in line with our standard terms for payment,  30 days from date of invoice, unless different payment terms have been agreed, and shown on the official invoice supplied.  Goods, or services, supplied to any customer who is recognised as an account customer will also be governed by these same conditions.  Failure to comply to these payment terms may result in a customers account status being revoked, at which time all monies owed for goods and services supplied, becomes instantly payable to the Vendor.  Any customer electing to pay with any form of card (Credit or Debit) will be charged an additional 2½% over and above the settlement amount.

We reserve the right to charge a 2% monthly compound interest surcharge, against invoices not paid within the agreed terms, and suspend further deliveries until all arrears (including interest) have been paid.