A Beginner's Guide to Industrial Saws

A Beginner’s Guide to Industrial Saws

A Beginner’s Guide to Industrial Saws


What do you know about industrial saws? What questions do you have? Welcome to our beginner’s guide! 


There is more to this topic than just which machinery is needed to cut various materials. With increasing demand for these high quality machines, there is the need for more information and guidance, particularly if you’re looking to enquire about a machine for your business.  


So if you have any questions about this machinery – you’re in the right place! Today we’re going to be providing you with the beginner’s guide to industrial saws, covering the internet’s frequently asked questions. 


Bandsaw vs Circular Saw

The first part to this beginner’s guide is identifying the difference between the industrial saws. Firstly, bandsaws are large and fixed machines, which can be used to cut a number of thick materials, giving a smooth finish with extreme precision. 


On the other hand, industrial circular saws are designed for straight cuts, cutting smaller pieces more accurately and tasks that require fine and smooth cuts. 


Automatic vs Manual? 

This depends on the volume of work you will be undertaking. 


Manual saws are often easier to use and easier to maintain overall, which are ideal if you have a lower capacity of work. An added advantage is that they are generally cheaper to buy as a result. 


On the other hand, automatic saws work out to be cheaper per cut. As manual saws require someone standing at the saw, lifting the blade and setting the stock – automatic saws can be left to operate on their own, requiring less time and money overall. 


If your business has a higher production value, you will be able to save the business time and labour with an automatic saw’s continuous operation. 


Different blades for different materials? 

It’s worth noting that different materials will also require different cutting speeds and specifications, which will also impact your decision. 


But, different materials do not always require different blades. For most materials, one blade can cover an entire range of solids and sections. Here at Anton Saws, we can help you select the most suitable blade for your materials. 


How can Anton Saws help you? 

As well as this beginners’ guide, we can help you in a variety of ways regarding your industrial saws: 

  • Fitting and installation of machinery 
  • Spare parts for a variety of machines 
  • Regular servicing visits (three-monthly, six-monthly, yearly) 
  • Call out repairs (with NO call out charges)


Our expert team is always more than happy to help! If there is anything else we can do or help you with that has not been covered in this guide, please feel free to get in touch


Alternatively, you can visit our Andover showroom: 


Unit 1, Parnell Court, East Portway Industrial Estate, Andover, SP10 3LX

A Beginner’s Guide to Industrial Saws
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